Boarding & Grooming Services for Your Pet

Feline BoardingLuxury Cat Boarding

Our veterinary hospital staff is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and affordable boarding environment for your cat whenever you need it.

Our new state-of-the art cat boarding area features spacious, climate-controlled cat condos connected by portals which can be opened to allow multiple cats from the same household to have access to each other. For your cat's added comfort and enjoyment, our clean and well-equipped cat playroom gives all our guests a chance to exercise and play each day of their stay.

Should your cat require any medical attention, administration of medicines, or special food preparation while you are away, our experienced staff is ready to care for your cherished companion. All of your cat's special health needs will be reviewed with you before your departure. Favorite toys, blankets and food are also welcome. We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible.

Canine BoardingMedical Boarding

For our canine patients who have chronic or acute medical conditions that require a caregiver with veterinary knowledge and experience, we also offer specialized medical boarding for dogs. Your dog's stay with us includes careful supervision by our experienced medical team, administration of any needed medication and daily exercise in accordance with your pet's needs.

Our new canine boarding facility features enclosed temperature-controlled areas with exhaust fans for constant fresh air circulation designed specifically to be comfortable and easy to keep clean and smelling fresh. For your dog's complete comfort, special toys, blankets, and food are also welcome.

Baths and nail trims for all our canine and feline guests are available upon request.

Vaccination Requirements

For dogs: DA2PP (or adequate titer showing immunity), Rabies, Bordetella
For cats: FVRCP and Rabies

Grooming Services

Grooming is more than a bit of pet pampering — it's an important part of preventive medical care. Regular baths and nail trims for your dog or cat at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital's clean and comfortable grooming facility can help prevent serious medical problems — not to mention make your pet look, smell and feel better. By having your pet groomed regularly, you can also help detect skin infections and growths before they become a problem. On some pets, nails curve around and grow into the feet, causing pain and infection. Regular trimming is an excellent alternative to declawing — and reupholstering your couch.

For your bird's comfort, Green Forest Veterinary Hospital also offers nail and beak trims for our avian patients. Trimming your bird's beak can become necessary when growth impedes the ability to eat or otherwise function properly.

When it comes to keeping your pet looking and feeling great, let us help you. Our professional and friendly staff understands each pet is unique, and we make every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable during his or her grooming appointments. Give us a call today!

For more information on Green Forest Veterinary Hospital's boarding and grooming services, please call (516) 676-4838.