Staff of Green Forest Veterinary Hospital

Green Forest Veterinary StaffPaulette Baecker, Head Veterinary Technician

Paulette Baecker has worked in the animal care field since 1990, and brings considerable experience and compassion to her job as head veterinary technician at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital. Her responsibilities include caring for hospitalized patients, radiology, placing catheters, venipuncture, assisting during surgery and dentals.

“I have known Dr. Delijani since before she went to veterinary school,” Paulette says. “She is a very caring and compassionate veterinarian, and I enjoy working with her. I also have never worked at a brand new facility and it is a beautiful place to work.”

At home Paulette cares for seven cats (Nikita, Moo-Moo, Boy, Lil Pudge, Raven, Obi-Wan and Boba Fett) and two dogs (Montana and Scruffy). In her free time she enjoys gardening, photography, movies and music.


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Green Forest Veterinary StaffMichelle Davniero, Head Receptionist

As our incredible Head Receptionist, Michelle Davniero works hard to ensure all our patients and their caregivers are receiving the best services available. Michelle’s favorite part of working with Green Forest Veterinary Hospital is being able to meet and interact with all our furry patients and their wonderful owners. She loves taking the time to develop and nurture unique bonds with each pair of pets and owners that come to our facilities.

She has been working with Green Forest Veterinary Hospital since 2013 and has been working in the animal related field for over 20 years. Prior to working with us at Green Forest, Michelle worked for other organizations including shelter medicine. She has many talents, including being certified in pet grooming.

“Green Forest Veterinary Hospital stands out from other places because we integrate Eastern and Western medicine, and tailor our services to each pet’s unique needs and lifestyles,” she says. “Each coworker brings different strengths that makes us a diverse team filled with compassion for the pets we see each day and the people who love them.”

Michelle spends her time outside of work with her partner and their fur kids. Michelle loves going for hikes, road trips and practicing photography.


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Wendy Niceberg, Receptionist

Wendy Niceberg was welcomed to Green Forest Veterinary Hospital in August of 2015 as one of our incredible part-time Receptionists. Some of Wendy’s daily responsibilities include answering phones, scheduling appointments, filling prescriptions, assisting our veterinarians and staff, providing optimal client education, and much more! She is a phenomenal receptionist whose genuine love for animals and sincere desire to help others is always showing.

Her favorite aspect about working in the veterinary industry is being able to talk to our amazing clients and petting their loveable animals. Wendy has been working with animals and their caregivers since 2000 and has held previous positions as a Veterinary Assistant, Office Manager, and Book Keeper. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Enet and Reiki level II from Sweet Briar College.

“I enjoy working for Green Forest Veterinary Hospital because of the respect and love for animals we share here,” Wendy says. “Our clients are friendly, and our team is comprised of dedicated staff who believe animals come first!”

In her downtime, Wendy likes going for walks, especially at the beach. She also loves eating a good meal, cooking, exercising to keep fit, and reading. Wendy also appreciates when she has the time to practice her Reiki techniques and abilities. Wendy owns 4 dogs, two Tibetan Terriers named Tory and Cady, a Brussels Griffon named Monkey, and a Chihuahua named Walle. She loves spending time with her pets and being able to provide pet therapy to Monkey via Pet Partners Suffolk Obedience.


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Manuel Mondaca, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Manuel Mondaca joined the team at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital in April of 2015, but he’s been employed in animal-related capacities for over 23 years. At our animal hospital, Manuel’s job responsibilities include assisting in examinations, screening patients and clients, providing overall care to patients, setting up appointments, and assisting in surgeries and dental care.

“There is a great synergy among all staff and the veterinarians – it truly feels like a family and we look out for each other,” Manuel said. “The care we provide to our patients and clients is top-notch and we strive for excellence and constant compassion.”

At home Manuel cares for two domestic shorthaired cats named Moo and JuJuB. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and his two sons. Together the family enjoys hiking and outings into nature, and in his own time Manuel enjoys woodworking and video games.


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Andre Artemyeff, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Andre Artemyeff joined our team in March 2017. Born and raised in Long Island, he has always had a passion for animals, having grown up with a dog from the age of 5. He has worked in the veterinary field for almost a decade, having started volunteering at an animal shelter right after high school. After his first job working at an animal hospital, he decided to go to school to become a technician. Andre moved to Denver Colorado in 2010, to attend Bel Rea Institute of Animal Technology. Both during school and after graduation, he spent 4 years working at an animal hospital, gaining relationships with many pets and clients. It was in Denver that he became a proud cat dad to two beautiful boys, Elvis and Francis. Wanting to move closer to family, Andre moved back to Long Island in 2016.

“I love working with Dr. Delijani and the entire staff of Green Forest. We are like a family and every day I look forward to going to work, knowing I work with such compassionate people who love improving the lives of animals.”

Andre’s responsibilities include everything from checking in patients for exams, client education, restraining and comforting patients during exams, as well as performing blood draws, radiographs and assisting during surgeries and dentals.

Andre enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend, friends and family, and two amazing cats. He also loves music, movies, and the outdoors.


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