Staff of Green Forest Veterinary Hospital

Green Forest Veterinary StaffPaulette Baecker, Head Veterinary Technician

Paulette Baecker has worked in the animal care field since 1990, and brings considerable experience and compassion to her job as head veterinary technician at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital. Her responsibilities include caring for hospitalized patients, radiology, placing catheters, venipuncture, assisting during surgery and dentals.

“I have known Dr. Delijani since before she went to veterinary school,” Paulette says. “She is a very caring and compassionate veterinarian, and I enjoy working with her. I also have never worked at a brand new facility and it is a beautiful place to work.”

At home Paulette cares for seven cats (Nikita, Moo-Moo, Boy, Lil Pudge, Raven, Obi-Wan and Boba Fett) and two dogs (Montana and Scruffy). In her free time she enjoys gardening, photography, movies and music.

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Green Forest Veterinary StaffMichelle Davniero, Receptionist

Michelle Davniero joined the Green Forest Veterinary Hospital team in April 2013. As our receptionist, she is responsible for greeting clients, answering phones, scheduling and confirming appointments, maintaining patient records and keeping the waiting area clean. She also brings her broad veterinary knowledge and a commitment to pet care education to our practice.

“GFVH stands out from other places because we integrate Eastern and Western medicine, and tailor our services to each pet’s unique needs and lifestyles,” she says. “Each coworker brings different strengths that makes us a diverse team filled with compassion for the pets we see each day and the people who love them.”

Michelle has three dogs: Lola, a Shih Tzu/Llasa Apso mix; Lucas, a three-legged beagle mix; and Maya, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She also has two cats, Sole and Jovi. In her spare time she enjoys photography, music, reading, writing, travel, hiking and cooking.

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Manuel Mondaca, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Manuel Mondaca joined the team at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital in April of 2015, but he’s been employed in animal-related capacities for over 23 years. At our animal hospital, Manuel’s job responsibilities include assisting in examinations, screening patients and clients, providing overall care to patients, setting up appointments, and assisting in surgeries and dental care.

“There is a great synergy among all staff and the veterinarians – it truly feels like a family and we look out for each other,” Manuel said. “The care we provide to our patients and clients is top-notch and we strive for excellence and constant compassion.”

At home Manuel cares for two domestic shorthaired cats named Moo and JuJuB. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and his two sons. Together the family enjoys hiking and outings into nature, and in his own time Manuel enjoys woodworking and video games.

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Green Forest Veterinary StaffMakeda Scott, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Makeda Scott is a veterinary technician and receptionist at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital. Her job responsibilities include providing for the care and well-being of animals, as well as answering phones, filing, booking appointments, and all client relations. She has an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and is NYS licensed as a Veterinary Technician.

“I enjoy working at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital because we truly care about every animals’ well-being. I’ve seen all staff and doctors go above and beyond to ensure every animal is treated with care and the best medical attention,” Makeda says.

At home Makeda cares for a 15-year-old Domestic Shorthaired cat and a 9-month-old Pomeranian puppy. In her free time she enjoys running, playing video games and reading.

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Green Forest Veterinary StaffGabriela Alas, Veterinary Assistant

Gabriela Alas has been a member of the staff at Green Forest Veterinary Hospital since May of 2015. Her duties regularly include keeping the kennel clean, walking dogs, and assisting technicians and veterinarians as necessary. She says she most enjoys being able to help the doctors care for and treat all animals.

“I love working at Green Forest because everyone loves what they do as much as me,” Gabriela says. “We all care about the well being of every single animal. Green Forest Vet is an excellent place to bring your pet.”

At home, Gabriela has two cats named Negro and Nana. In her free time, Gabriela is beginning to hone her knowledge as a groomer, walks dogs, and enjoys pursuing hobbies like playing tennis, soccer, and going hiking.

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